A Need for our How-To Urban Farming Book!

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Jul 5, 2012 12:38:58 PM

Value for Everyone

Even for someone who has gardened for years in a rural location, urban gardening presents many new questions and challenges. As an intern, I have attended a few events with Green City Growers as well as done some maintenance at residential and corporate garden sites. In all of these instances I have heard the same few questions repeated, sometimes questions that I too was curious about. Our horticultural expert Alison has been answering these questions for years now, and has found and answered many of her own questions as well. She has also read shelves full of traditional and urban gardening texts which she applies and challenges with her day to day work at GCG.

Once her book is published, people will gain knowledge beyond just their own questions. Urban Agriculture is expanding every day, but you can't join if you only have the soil and seeds, you need the knowledge too! I can't wait until this book is published so that I can learn more and have the tools to expand my own home-grown veggies. Our Kickstarter fundraiser is launched and active, and although there are many enticing rewards for donating, the greatest reward will be the spread of the knowledge of our friendly, adventurous, knowledgeable horticultural expert to anyone and everyone!



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